ted ku·les·a:  photographer / artist / domestic god


im·mac·u·late / per·cep·tion is the idea that the creative spirit is pure, without fault or flaw, yet the art that comes from the creative spirit is scrutinized on infinite levels as if there were rules to creativity. The only rules are those that are applied by the viewers perceptions
--Ted Kulesa

I took my first art classes in 7th grade. That same year, 1982 I took my first wood shop and metal shop classes. I was hooked on creating.

1985 I took my first computer classes and learned to draw on Mac Paint, a remedial, but advanced for the time, image creation program. That began my interest in digital art. Years later, it all came together with photography and photoshop.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age four. By age ten my parents had a tumultuous relationship which ended with me and my sisters in foster homes. Art and BMX were my escapes. I drew often with color pencils and airbrush. Mostly images of BMX at first, but then as my teenage angst grew, depressed about diabetes and foster homes, my images became very surreal.
Around 1999 I discovered my love of Volkswagens with a 1965 bug. I was hooked and didn't realize it. Multiple Volkswagens later I ended up with a 1967 bus, which my newborn son came home from the hospital in and I still own today.
by late 1997 I was in kidney failure from the diabetes. I started dialysis in 1998 and by September 1998, I was receiving my first transplant. I received a kidney and a pancreas, effectively curing my Diabetes. 13 years later my transplanted kidney began to fail, and that brings us to today. I'm currently receive dialysis, but try not to let this effect me. There are worse things a person could have and I am lucky I have my sight and my hands.
After being a very involved stay at home dad for 17 years, including being a PTA president (I failed miserably at that), I am finding my son 17, a senior in high school, preparing to move on with his life. I needed to figure out what I was going to do with mine, now that I'm all grown up.

Immaculate Perception was an idea that came about around the time I had my first showing of photography in 2009. It's the idea that creativity is pure and undefiled and yet each viewers perception warrants a different response. I do not believe that one artist is better than another on any level, it all depends on the individuals perception.