Com·put·er Shop·ping

It never fails, that when a person needs their computer the most, it breaks down. I have been juggling between a 7 year old desktop and my 5 year old Macbook for about three months now. The images I am editing are just too large and complicated for either machine to do it's work. I decided about a week ago, that I would have to forgo a new camera in leu of a new computer.The choices seems endless these days, Mac or PC, Laptop or desktop. Build it myself or buy it complete. It's worse than shopping for a car. My research has lead me to the conclusion that I will build a Mac clone for half the  cost of a real Apple. The choice is called Hackintosh.  I think I will be able to build a machine that will run both OSX and Windows 8 for just under $1300. That is $1100 less than the slower Mac Pro. I'm ordering my parts tonight and will let everyone know how it goes. I have a lot of doubters in my ear, especially the Apple fan club. Have no fear Hackintosh is here!